Week 1: Introduction to Python and Basic Concepts

Session 1: Introduction to Python and Setup
● Overview of Python.
● Installing Python and setting up the development environment (IDLE, VSCode).
● Writing and running your first Python script.
● Basic syntax and structure.

Session 2: Basic Data Types and Operations
● Variables and data types (int, float, string, boolean)
● Basic arithmetic operations
● String operations and formatting
● User input and output
● Comments in Python

Week 2: Control Structures and Functions

Session 3: Conditional Statements and Loops
● if, elif, else statements
● Comparison and logical operators
● for and while loops
● break, continue, and pass statements
● Loop control

Session 4: Functions and Modules
● Defining functions
● Function arguments and return values
● Scope of variables
● Lambda functions
● Importing and using standard library modules
● Creating and using custom modules

Week 3: Data Structures

Session 5: Lists and Tuples
● List operations (indexing, slicing, methods)
● List comprehensions
● Tuples and their properties
● Tuple operations

Session 6: Dictionaries and Sets
● Dictionary operations (keys, values, methods)
● Dictionary comprehensions
● Sets and their properties
● Set operations

Week 4: File Handling and OOP

Session 7: File Handling
● Reading from and writing to files
● Working with file paths
● Handling different file formats (CSV, JSON)
● Exception handling in file operations

Session 8: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
● Classes and objects
● Attributes and methods
● The self parameter
● Creating and using instances
● Basic inheritance

Week 5: Advanced Topics and Final Project

Session 9: Advanced OOP and Libraries
● Advanced OOP concepts (inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation)
● Magic methods
● Introduction to popular Python libraries (NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib)
● Basic data manipulation and visualization with Pandas and Matplotlib

Session 10: Final Project and Course Review
● Overview of final project requirements
● Project planning and execution
● Review of key concepts
● Q&A session
● Final project presentation and feedback